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New to the KANOPY team, Creative Art Director Charley Pangus joins us with a dynamic background as an artist, YouTuber, videographer, web designer, and much more. 


Charley began his career during his freshman year of high school when he became the designer in his father's small screen printing shop out of a small garage. Little did he know this would be the momentous decision that catapults his love and passion for designing merchandise. With little formal training, Charley became a self-taught expert in design tools, such as Photoshop and Illustrator, and mastered a theoretical understanding that transforms designs from plain to captivating. What began as a necessity quickly became a craft. 


Charley has since completed a myriad of projects from well-established brands, musicians, and corporations. Fast forward to 2021, Charley has garnered almost 1/4 million subscribers on YouTube with inspiration and the necessary skill sets to succeed as a merchandise designer. He is living proof that humble beginnings can lead to great things! 


Destined for greatness, Charley is driven by a vision to elevate Kanopy into a streetwear conglomerate like Complex. This is precisely why he joins Kanopy as Creative Art Director!


Here’s a recent interview with Charley


Can you tell us a little about your design background? 

I was born in Redlands, California. It's a suburb just east of L.A. I started working for my dad's print shop that he ran out of a small garage. I didn't have the luxury of sitting in a classroom waiting to put theory to practice. I had to learn on the job, as they say. And I had to learn quickly, to keep the business afloat. 


Why did you decide to Join Kanopy?

I joined KANOPY because I loved the aesthetic of the brand! What Mike is doing inspired me and I always surround myself with inspirational people that motivate me every single day. 


What is your vision Kanopy, stepping into 2022 and beyond?

I see KANOPY being a fresh take on what Complex is currently doing with its storefront, media, and social media presence through YouTube and more. KANOPY IS the new Complex. That mentality will come to fruition in time. 


Where do you find your inspiration? 

I’ve always been inspired by street fashion and individual street artists like Shepard Fairley, Banksy, and many more. 


How important is brand integrity? 

It’s everything! It’s the foundation or the glue that holds everything together. Without it, a brand has nothing or is close to nothing.

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